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Guided Wilderness Trips near Ely, MN


If you are feeling intimidated venturing off on your own or want to increase your chance of catching fish or viewing wildlife, then you should consider hiring Boundary Waters Guide Service for a day. Knowledgeable, courteous and cheerful guides that will not only tailor a trip to your desires, but will educate you during the trip so you leave with more than a day full of amazing memories.

This guided day trip is designed to give you a taste of how enjoyable and rewarding a canoe trip through the BWCA can be. The day starts out with a short drive down the road to your first portage into Grassy Lake. From there you will navigate 4 more portages and 3 small lakes, which will lead you to the shores of Fenske Lake. The day finishes up with a paddle down Fenske Lake, arriving at your cabin in time for a relaxing evening by the fire, where stories will be told from your adventurous day. Along the way there will be opportunities for fishing, viewing wildlife, berry picking and scenic waterfalls.

A guided day trip to North Hegman Lake to see the native Indian pictographs is something you will remember and talk about for a while. The day starts with a scenic drive up the Echo Trail to your first portage, where you will hike through the woods, past some of the most magnificent and towering pine trees. A short paddle up South Hegman Lake brings you to you second portage and a picturesque creek flowing out of North Hegman. Once on North Hegman, you will paddle along the rocky shores until you reach to the large cliffs where the pictographs are painted. After spending time trying to speculate what they mean and how they survived all these years, you can go explore some of the bays looking for wildlife or be more adventures and portage into Little Bass Lake for a better chance at wildlife sightings. This trip is designed as a relaxing day of canoeing and sight seeing but don't forget your fishing pole, as there will be plenty of time for fishing too. Bring your camera.

If you want to focus more on fishing, then a guided fishing trip to one of the many area lakes is available. The day will start by traveling to the wilderness lake that has been selected based on what your group is in search of, whether it be Walleye, Northern, Bass, or just catching a little bit of everything. Sit back, stretch out your legs and relax while your guide prepares a shore lunch meal of fresh fish caught just hours ago. After an afternoon of fishing, it’s time to head back to the Fenske Lake Resort Cabins where fish stories will be the topic of discussion.