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Tee Lake


Tee Lake is a 36-acre lake near the BWCA with a maximum depth of 25 feet. It has very soft (unmineralized) water. Tee Lake is a 120 rod portage from Sletten Lake and a 50 rod portage from Grassy Lake. Tee Lake is in Ecological Lake Class 13, which consists of 84 lakes in northeast Minnesota that are small and shallow, and have very soft (unmineralized) water. Tee Lake is smaller and has a more irregular shoreline shape than most lakes in this lake class.

Tee Lake's littoral zone (that portion of the lake that is less than 15 feet in depth, where the majority of the aquatic plants are found, is a primary area used by young fish, and provides the essential spawning habitat for most warmwater fishes) is 30 acres. The primary fish species is yellow perch.

Two lake depth maps for Tee Lake can be viewed online courtesy of the Minnesota DNR (the second one is here). The first is saved as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document so that you can download and view it with all it's formatting intact.